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Meiko™ Ceremonial Matcha 100g

£35.00 GBP

Full-bodied with Subtle Floral Aromas
This hearty ceremonial-grade matcha brews a deeply rich emerald green cordial with robust body, sweet-savoury undertones and a bouquet of floral notes and delicate tannins
Iridescent green in colour, Meiko™ (an epithet referencing to the beautiful budding of a flowering plant) is masterfully blended to create a well-defined, flavoursome brew with sweet, mellow top notes, followed by savoury undertones of salted caramel and with floral hints of tannins complementing the finish. This matcha is characterised by its remarkable ooika fragrance, a captivatingly refreshing aroma found only in the most exceptional shade-grown green tea. Perfect to be brewed on its own or enjoyed as part of a plethora of health elixirs of choice.
Please visit: Step-by-step Ceremonial Matcha Brewing Tutorial Video
Place 1/2 tsp (approx. 2 bamboo scoops) of matcha (~1g) in matcha bowl, then wet with 15ml (0.5fl oz) of 70ºC/160ºF water. Thoroughly knead mixture using bamboo whisk until smooth paste forms. Add 70ml (2.4fl oz) of remaining water and mix until consistent.
Upon sipping, roll the liquid around the palate to appreciate the full flavour anatomy of the tea.
- Store in a cool dry place, away from moisture, sunlight, and odours
- Refrigerate after opening for maximum flavour and potency

Customer Reviews

Based on 129 reviews
Meiko Ceremonial Matcha is PERFECT

I have tried other matcha before and have not been satisfied with the quality, until I found Meiko Ceremonial Matcha. I use it every day in either a chia seed pudding or a Matcha latte! I love that Matchaeologist shares recipes and I hope to try them soon!
Thank you again and I couldn’t be happier with your product! 🖤🍵

Thanks for your wonderful feedback, Chelsey! It has brightened up our day knowing that you’re loving our Meiko™. We really appreciate your support and will continue to work hard to ensure we deliver the best-quality products. We look forward to serving you again! – Matchaeologist Team


It’s so great to hear that you’re enjoying our Meiko™, Sabina! Thanks for sharing your feedback with us; we really appreciate your kind words. Please do share photos of your creations with us, we’d love to see them at some point! – Matchaeologist Team
The BEST matcha brand!

PERFECTION is the one word that best describes my experience with Matchaelogist! Will defo come back for more...sooon! ;)
PS: In the picture, I made matcha tiramisu with Meiko Matcha. YUM!

We really appreciate your kind feedback, Amrul! Thank you very much for sharing this with us, the picture looks great! If there’s anything else at all we could assist you further, please do not hesitate to let us know! – Matchaeologist Team
Perfect for matcha drinks

Just by using a tiny amount of matcha powder, it empowers the drink so much. I use it for my matcha drinks that include shots of espresso; some times when I put too much matcha powder it becomes too overpowering, but if you eventually figure out the right amount, you'll be more likely to drink at home that go out. The powder also blends extremely well when using a whisk. Will continue to buy this range as it is very worth it.

Also suitable for non dairy matcha lattes.

It’s amazing to hear that you love our Meiko™ Ceremonial Matcha and that you've found the perfect quantity to enjoy our matcha to the fullest, Jessie! This totally made our day! We will continue to work hard and ensure we deliver the best-quality products and customers service going forward. Thank you very much again for your support! – Matchaeologist Team
Best Matcha I ever had

at bellissimo Venice California we proud to work with a company who take the green tea Matcha to the next level its not only the highest quality it's the taste and the aroma. way to go my Japanese friend . good customer service !

It’s amazing to hear that you enjoy our Meiko™ Ceremonial Matcha, Ronen! Your review totally made our day and inspires us to try even harder! We will continue to ensure we deliver the best-quality products and customer service going forward. Thank you very much again for your support! – Matchaeologist Team