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How to Prepare Matcha Matchaeologist Style

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Matcha-making has long been considered an art form. In fact, it dates back to the olden days of the Japanese tea ceremonies where each step of matcha preparation was strictly choreographed into a series of intricate meditative movements. Despite matcha’s fascinating history, its context and preparation method can come across as intimidating to many. Thus, it is our goal to make matcha more accessible and relevant to today’s modern lifestyle.

Matchaeologist Approach

Our approach is to put the ancient tradition of the Japanese tea ceremony into a modern perspective by devising how matcha can be prepared in the most minimalist way possible. To achieve this, we have designed our matcha-ware from the ground up, bringing traditional styles up to date and combining minimalist form with contemporary functionality. In doing so, we allow everyone to experience the joy and the learning values behind matcha-making, making our #MatchaRitual a simple, everyday pleasure.


We design our matcha-ware with a goal to 'simplify' the traditional protocols of the Japanese tea ceremony, while still maintaining the optimal functionality of the teawares that have been developed for over a thousand years. 

Ceremonial Matcha

The most traditional style of matcha preparation is the usucha style.  To prepare a serving of usucha, mix ½ tsp (~1g) of matcha with approximately ~1 tbsp of warm water in a Cloud Glass Chawan and massage the mixture until it forms a smooth paste. Add ~70ml of remaining water to dilute down the concentration before serving.

To prepare multiple servings of usucha, the Glass Katakuchi Bowl can be used alongside the Traditional Chasen using the same method mentioned above. After the matcha has been prepared, it can be poured into serving cups, such as a Cloud Glass Chawan, to be enjoyed.


While matcha can be enjoyed on its own in a traditional style with water, it can also be used in a number of alternative ways — including in blended matcha drinks and a range of dessert recipes. For more information on which matcha grade is ideal for your application, please see the ‘Recommended Usage’ section in Our Matcha Range. Alternatively, see Shop by Use.

Today few matcha drinkers enjoy their tea in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Nevertheless, we believe that, even without the tea ceremony hall and the years of formal training, we should still be able to integrate a #MatchaRitual into our daily lives and experience all the joys and benefits of matcha-making in a meaningful way.

11 October, 2019

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